DeCarol Company has a long tradition of designing and building high quality cost effective custom homes, renovation projects and remodeling/room addition projects.

We can take your ideas and dreams and create a project that fits not only your needs but also your budget.  If you do not have building plans our designer can provide you with all of your design needs.

Our bidding process is thorough and detailed.  We provide you with a “blue book” containing a features list, spec sheets and a line item costing page.  This “blue book” is yours to keep and is a good shopping tool to use when comparing other bids.


The first step to quoting your project is usually a site visit by Chuck to your property.  At this time we take any drawings, pictures, notes and magazine articles you may have gathered and create a scope of work.  During this time if you do not have a preliminary drawing for your project we will set up a meeting with our designer, Steve Simpson.  Creating a blueprint for your project helps us quote more accurately and provides you with a first look at your dreams and ideas.

Using the scope of work which includes as much information as possible about plumbing fixtures, electrical specs, window types, interior and exterior doors, insulation, cabinets, etc. we can get started along with our team of subcontractors and suppliers on bidding your project.  DeCarol Company does not use “square footage” costing.  Each one of our projects is unique and we have found that our “blue book” quoting system gives the most fair and accurate quote.

After the bid is complete we sit down with you and present our quote.  This is the time in which budget issues are worked out and items are added or deleted.  These are all normal parts of the design build process and help us tailor the project to fit your budget while still meeting your needs.  Our line item costing page clearly lists every item included in the quote and is a great tool for the budget process.


Now to the fun part.  After we sign a contract with our customer we move into the construction phase.

Using the “blue book” as our guide we start working on building your project.  Because DeCarol Company has “in house” craftsmen we are involved on a daily basis either performing the work or working with our team of subcontractors to complete your project in a timely and cost effective manner.

Our many years of on the job field experience enable us to solve even the toughest issues on our many remodel and renovation projects.  Structural issues, termite damage, wood rot, foundation issues, and window and siding replacement are just some of the problems and issues we have helped our customers resolve on their existing homes.

Thank you for taking the time to learn a little about our company.  If we can be of service to you no matter what your construction needs please call us. We look forward to meeting you.