Below are just a few comments from some of our Customers.


From George and Shirley Johnson

DeCarol & Co.

George and I want to thank you for the wonderful job your groups did on our new kitchen.
I enjoyed working with the crews since they were so pleasant and would answer any stupid question I would ask.

We are still getting use to the extra storage and understanding the new appliances, but that will come in time.

I'm getting nice reviews from my friends. Make sure you tell Kurt and Rick how good they were.
Just a pleasure to be around.

From Martha Chittenden, Prescott, AZ

Dear Chuck:

I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you what a great job I think you and your men did on my bedroom addition.

Not only were you immediately responsive to everything I requested, but your workmen, Mike, Tom, Ken, Don and all the rest are all such quality people that I felt secure in their abilities and integrity.  Also, Cassie was very patient and helpful.

Thank you so much for a wonderful job.  You can put me on your list of references.  I will be happy to recommend DeCarol Company anytime.

Martha J. Chittenden

From James & Amy Crawford, Prescott Valley, AZ

Dear Chuck:

We’re finally settled in!  James and I feel very much at home now and just wanted to take a moment to extend our gratitude to you and everyone at DeCarol Company.  I can remember a day when we didn’t even know where to start or how we would ever find someone to pick up where our former builder left off and carry out the same design.  Once we began working with you we felt a huge weight lifted and much stress gone – instantly.  We faced many issues with our first builder and were forced to be extremely cautious with selecting someone new.  Working with you and your team, we felt like we were finally able to breath again.  Everyone whose hard work went into building our home allowed us to be creative and was open to our modifications and encouraged our input as well as offering their own.  We truly feel that the finished product is custom to our lifestyle and our expectations were more than exceeded.

Our house feels like a home and I do believe it is in large part thanks to the effort of each of your guys for meeting our expectations and welcoming us to view and be a part of the process in whole.  Our ideas were always considered and you never let on to how picky we must have been!  From day one, James and I each had a picture of everything we envisioned for this house and certain ideas we were passionate about.  What your team built is most definitely our dream come to life!  I must say what I love most is the cabinetry throughout and especially in my favorite room, the kitchen!  James of course loves the fireplace with the beautiful rock design, the vega logs and his “hobby room”!  The effort and fine detail Pete and David put into their work is really showcased in our home.  Let’s not forget Chuck Wallace and Curt for their hard work and extended help.  BIG thanks to Tony and David for the three weeks of non-stop digging on our nightmare utility line.  You guys were great!

Thank you again for all of your hard work and dedication in building our home with a white glove on!  We truly appreciate each of you and your expertise throughout the entire construction process.  You have made our dreams a reality!

With Sincere Gratitude,
James & Amy Crawford

From Pat & Bud Morgan, Dewey, AZ

Dear Chuck and his Crew:

Bud and I would be remiss if we did not acknowledge the lovely house you built for us.  Chuck you are to be complimented for staying on an even keel and for your patience with us and your subs.  You came through with flying colors even with unforeseen interruptions.

Landscaping is almost finished as we found a great one and reasonable.  He is an expert at his trade.

Thank you again,
Pat and Bud Morgan

From Dawn & Jack Neveau, Dewey, AZ

Dear DeCarol Company:

Thank you for doing such a great job in constructing our new home.  We would highly recommend you to anyone considering building a new home.  You may add us to your list of homeowners for recommendation.  We would be happy to show the home if someone would like to view your quality of work.  This is the best house we have had built (it was our fourth and hopefully our last!)

Dawn & Jack Neveau

From Gene & Nancy Shaffer, Prescott, AZ

Dear Chuck:

Nancy and I wish to thank you and the DeCarol Company for the exceptional remodel of our home in Mt. Club.

Our experience with DeCarol  and your professional staff was above and beyond our expectations.

The quality of workmanship and your personal attention to any questions were very much appreciated.

A special thanks to Ken, Tony, Frank, Rick, Shawn, Matt, Cassie and others for their patience and hard work through what was a great experience for us.

We do not hesitate to recommend DeCarol or their subcontractors to any potential new clients.

A special thanks to Steve for the magnificent fireplace.

We love our “new” home thanks to the good people of DeCarol Company.

Gene and Nancy Shaffer

From Harlan & Glenys Tabor, Prescott Valley, AZ

Dear Chuck:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the job well done on building our new home here in Prescott Valley.  It was a good experience and we found you to be one that had pleasing your customer as your aim.  You had said up front that our being on the jobsite any time we wanted to be there was fine with you as you had nothing to hide and we found that to be very true.  Your follow up on minor adjustments has been excellent and we appreciate that.  One consolation is that there have not been that many adjustments to be made.  The quality is certainly there.  We have even had comments from neighbors that saw the construction take place stating the quality and care of your employees was commendable.

The price quoted for building was fair in comparison to other quotes we had obtained. Any extras we asked for were priced fairly and had no argument about making changes during the construction.  From what we have observed in the area there may be homes of lesser cost but the quality and type of construction is far less than what you provided.  I feel we got every bit of what we asked for and expected.  I would like to see more of your quality go up in the area.  Thanks again.

Harland & Glenys Tabor

From Verne & Carol Tocker, Prescott, AZ

Dear Chuck & Staff:

We just wanted to let you know how very much we are enjoying our new home.

It was a lot of fun being able to watch it go up and get to know all the guys that work for you.  We formed some lasting relationships.  This is the most beautiful home in our forest, we’re so proud of it.

Everyone knew what they were doing and did a great job of it.  We would be happy to talk to anyone about the abilities your company has at building a home.  As you know we have already recommended friends and they were so impressed with our home that you are now building their home.

Again, thanks to everyone.  You were so patient with us and thanks for the wonderful job you did.

Verne & Carol Tocker – Satisfied customers!